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Welcome to CASTEL-J
投稿者 Web Master   
2006年 December 30日 Saturday
Thanks you for sending the photos. We now have the CASTEL-J in Hawaii photo album. Click here.

Thank you very much for attending CASTEL-J in Hawaii. The conference is over now. I hope everyone enjoyed being in Hawaii and learned a lot from sessions we had.

The conference registration is continuing. Click here to go to the registration page. (This page has been closed.)

The Wireless Network Application form can be downloaded. If you want to have access to the wireless network at the conference site, you must fill out this form. Please be a member of this site by clicking here and go to the download area to download it. A latest version of Adobe Acrobat was used to produce this fillable PDF file. Therefore, you need to use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Go here to download.

The conference schedule has been posted.
    Schedule with presenters' names and description, click here.
    Table version of Schedule, click here.

    Showing Univ. of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College, click here.
    Showing where Univ. of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College is, click here.


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CASTEL-J in Hawaii Deadline was Nov. 30, 2006. We are no longer accepting proposals. Thank you very much for sending your proposals in.

Blogs, wiki, taggin', online music, podcasts, AJAx, to name a few, have evolved considerably in the past years. As a result, computers and other technologies are being used more and more in our classrooms.  This means that the teaching/learning of the Japanese language is also rapidly changing. We are hoping you might be interested in sharing your experiences with using technology in the teaching of the Japanese language and would like to ask you to share these experiences with us at the 4th International CASTEL-J conference in Hawaii.

Join us at the 4th International Conference on Computer Assisted Systems For Teaching & Learning Japanese (CASTEL-J) that will be held at the University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College, August 3-5, 2007.

Please click on the buttons to the left to obtain further information.

Also, please click here and become a member of this site so that you will have full access to the site. If you don't become a member, you cannot view "Seeking Hotel Mate" and "Guest Book" sections.



最終更新日 ( 2007年 August 22日 Wednesday )
投稿者 Satoru Shinagawa   
2005年 December 26日 Monday
If you are looking for a hotel, we have negotiated with the Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki and the Queen Kapiolani Hotel. They are giving us a huge educational discount, less than half of their regular rate!

Please be a member of this web site by clicking here and once you become a member, you can download the necessary form to make a reservation. However, the number of rooms we have blocked are limited. It's available on first-come first served basis. Once the available rooms are filled, you will need to pay their regular rate. The rooms are blocked until June 30, 2007.

Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki,Queen Kapiolani Hotelの二つのホテルに教育関係者用の大幅な割引を適用していただき、通常レートの半額に近い値段で滞在することが出来ます。この為には、まずここを クリックして、このサイトのメンバーになると、ホテルの予約申込書(英語)がダウンロードできるようになるので、それをお使いください。この学会用の部屋 数は限られていますので、定数に達してしまうと通常レートでの御滞在となりますので、お早めにお申し込みください。この学会用の特別料金でのお申し込みは2007年6月30 日までです。
最終更新日 ( 2007年 January 23日 Tuesday )
研究発表募集 Call for Papers
投稿者 Satoru Shinagawa   
2005年 December 26日 Monday
The committee has received several inquiries about the deadlines. The concern expressed in these inquiries is that it would be hard to submit a proposal dealing with technology almost one year ahead of the presentation. Since technology advances so rapidly, this type of inquiry is understandable.

The committee has decided to extend the deadline. The new deadlines are as follows:

November 30, 2006: Proposal Deadline
December 31, 2006: Accepted proposals will be notified
March 31, 2007: Manuscript Deadline for Conference Proceedings

We welcome proposals for papers (20 min. followed by 10 min. discussion), panel sessions (70 min. followed by 20 min. discussion) posters, or workshops that deal with Japanese teaching/learning and computer technology.

All submissions must be received by November 30, 2006. Submissions are accepted by e-mail. Please submit your proposal as an e-mail attachment to < >.
For the SUBJECT line of your e-mail, please
enter "CASTEL-J paper proposal" for paper,
enter "CASTEL-J panel proposal" for panel,
enter  "CASTEL-J posters proposal" for posters,
enter "CASTEL-J workshop proposal" for workshop,

  • The official conference languages are Japanese and English. If you plan to present in English, please submit your proposal in English. If you plan to present in Japanese, please submit your proposal in Japanese.
  • Send your attachment in MS Word (DOC)
  • We can provide an LCD projector. However, please use your own laptop.
Your proposal must include the following:
1) Specify your presentation type (paper, poster, panel session or workshop)
2) Presenter's Name (Primary Presenter in case of co-presentation)
3) E-mail address
4) Institution and Department
5) Mailing Address
    In case of a co-presentation, please clearly indicate the primary presenter and provide information for all presenters. 
6) Presentation Title (less than 10 English words)
7) Short Abstract (less than 50 English words, this will be used for the conference brochure)
8) Description of paper, panel, panel session or workshop (Less than 350 English words. Be sure to include adequate information to review.)
9) Other equipment needs. If you will need to use other AV equipment, please specify. In case it's not possible for us to accommodate, we will contact you.

For inquiries, please contact

Satoru Shinagawa, Conference Chair
University of Hawaii
Kapiolani Community College
4303 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96826




第4回on Computer Assisted Systems For Teaching & Learning Japanese (CASTEL-J) 国際会議を2007年8月3〜5日、ハワイ大学カピオラニ短期大学にて開催いたします。ブログ、ポッドキャスト、AJAX等近年のコンピューター技術の進 歩は目を見張るものがあります。コンピューター技術の進歩は日本語教育の現場にも少なからずも変化をもたらしています。第4回CASTEL-J国際会議は 日本語教育におけるコンピューター技術等の使用現状、または今後の活用の方向性を見いだす機会です。以上の趣旨に即した発表のプロポーザルを募集します。

発表の形態:口頭発表(発表20分、質疑応答10分)、パネルセッション (90分)、ポスター、ワークショップ

発表の応募につきましては、プロポーザルをメールの添付書類として< > まで送付してください。締め切りは2006年11月30日です。なお希望される発表形式によって、下記の件名 (subject) 中から一つを選び、e-mailの件名記入部分(subject)に明記して送ってください。
件名 (subject):
口頭発表: "CASTEL-J paper proposal"
パネル: "CASTEL-J panel proposal"
ポスター:  "CASTEL-J posters proposal"
ワークショップ: "CASTEL-J workshop proposal"

  • 発表言語は日本語又は英語です。日本語で発表をなさる方は日本語で、英語で発表をなさる方は英語でご応募ください。
  • マイクロソフトワード(MSWord)のファイル形式でメールの添付書類としてお送りください。
  • LCD プロジェクターは用意しますが、コンピューター(ノートパソコン)は各自ご用意ください。

1) 発表のタイプ (口頭発表, パネル, ポスター、ワークショップ)
2) 発表者の氏名(共同発表の場合は代表者)
3) 発表者のメールアドレス
4) 所属教育機関名
5) 所属教育機関の住所
6) 発表の題名(15文字以内、英語での字数制限は日本語の制限と違いますので、ご注意ください。)
7) 短い要旨(50文字以内:プログラム記載用)
8) 長い要旨(600文字以内:審査用)
9) LCD以外のAV器具が必要な場合はお書きください。こちらでの準備が不可能な場合はご連絡いたします。

品川 覚
Satoru Shinagawa, Conference Chair
University of Hawaii
Kapiolani Community College
4303 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96826
E-mail: (日本語可)
最終更新日 ( 2006年 September 06日 Wednesday )
What kind of Dinner Banquet food would you like?
Would you use a chartered bus from Queen Kapiolani Hotel to KCC campus, if available?
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